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Dear Coaches,
"Many thanks for a great week of basketball camp/instruction for our son Jack. Your ability to teach the game to the youngsters while still making it an enjoyable experience is commendable. My son has never been more motivated to improve his skills and make the JV team next year at school. Your attitude of wanting to give each child the best opportunity to become the best basketball player he can be is very refreshing. By challenging each child individually, you let them know that you were concerned about their individual development. Best camp ever. Jack will be back to Mid-Cape Hoop School again next year along with his younger brother Alex. Thanks again and best wishes."
Emily and John Hutchinson - Manchester, Connecticut

Dear Coach Cormier and Coach Hamilton,
"My son Andrew (13 years old) and daughter Jenn (9 years old) enjoyed their participation at Mid-Cape School very much. They came home each day after camp and spent hours at our hoop in the driveway working on the skills they learned at camp that day. We saw their improvement. The coaches' positive attitudes and individual encouragement to the children was amazing. Their dedication and attention to each child's development was very evident. The incorporation of teaching life-skills, sportsmanship, and basketball techniques set the stage for the players to gain greater confidence and skill development. It is evident that your staff consists of educators, as well as informed/knowledgable coaches. Andrew and Jenn look forward to returning to the East Coast again next summer and attending hoop school with you. Thank you."
Amy Hines - San Francisco, California

Dear Coach Cormier and Coach Hamilton,
"Thank you very much for your positive energy and professional approach at your camp this week. Andrew, Meredith, and Heather had a great experience. My husband and I were extremely impressed with the attention to details displayed. The children enjoyed every aspect of each day, from camp introductions, warm-ups, instructions, skills and drills, games, lunches, stump-the-coaches, desert day, sportsmanship building activities, Friday cookout, and so much more. The entire coaching staff worked very hard to help each player improve their skills. We will definitely be back next summer. Best wishes with your seasons."
The Brady Family - Vernon, Connecticut

"The basketball skills my daughter learned this summer really made a difference during her basketball season! She truly developed a passion for the game because of the coaches positive and encouraging attitudes. Thank you, and we look forward to enrolling in the next Mid-Cape Hoop School."
K.B. - Sandwich, MA

Dear Coach Hamilton,
"Fantastic program. Our son came to visit his grandparents from Tulsa, OK, and this was a great way to spend the morning and work on his skills for the upcoming season! Really wonderful direction and organization. Better than the NBA camp that he attended earlier in the summer. Thank you so much!"
Lauren Zeligson - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Coaches Cormier and Hamilton,
"We couldn't be more thrilled with Mid-Cape Hoops School. The level of coaching is incredible and our son came home at the end of every day overjoyed. Not only did Mid-Cape Hoops greatly improve his basketball skills both mentally and physically, they taught him invaluable lessons both on and off the court. We couldn't be more thrilled with what a positive and productive player our son has become. He cannot wait to go back again!"
Michelle and Tyler Colman - West Chester, New York

"Mid-Cape Hoop school is my daughter Kelly's favorite summer camp! She looks forward to it every summer! The coaches are professional and always take time to say "good morning" with a hand shake for the kids. Regardless of age or ability level they have fun and learn the techniques of basketball. Every child fits in and has a chance to meet other children who either live on Cape Cod or are visiting.
Mid-Cape Hoop School is a great camp."
Cindy Donovan - Yarmouthport MA

Dear Coaches,
"This note is to thank you for the great job you did with Thomas the past two weeks at Mid-Cape Hoop School. He was so excited to get up each day and attend basketball school. He made new friends, learned so many new individual skills (which he demonstrated when he got home each day), and enjoyed playing the games and learning new team concepts. Basketball has now become his favorite sport. The enthusiastic and positive approach to teaching and training at all age appropriate levels made the experience fun and rewarding for all the players. Thanks again and Thomas will definitely see you again next year. "
Marcy Egan - Yarmouth Port, MA

"I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire Mid-Cape Hoop School coaching staff, and Coach Vin Minotti in particular, for making my son Chris's camp a rewarding experience. Chris came home from Mid-Cape Hoop School every day and worked on his camp drills for self improvement. He was motivated and loved showing my husband and I what he learned each day. He couldn't wait for camp to begin each morning. Your carefully planned lessons, organized games, and adaptation to the campers various levels has created a positive and enthusiastic attitude with Chris. As an 8 year old, just learning the game, I could not have put him in a better environment. We are eagerly looking forward to next summer's sessions. Chris will be joining you for two weeks. Thank you."
Melissa Kennison - Norwell, MA

"Mid-Cape Hoop School has inspired my daughter to work on her game and make tremendous progress. She has worked diligently on the skills and techniques you have taught her and she is now the starting point guard on her Junior Varsity team. Thank you for your positive energy and attention to detail helping Holly develop a passion for the game. See you next summer."
Matt and Beverly Meyer - Sandwich, MA

"While vacationing at the Red Jacket Resort, Riley and Ashley enjoyed their participation each day at Mid-Cape Hoop School. It filled their mornings with an opportunity to learn and play basketball at a great facility located only 2 miles from the resort. The coaches were extremely positive and helpful to all the campers. They made each drill fun and productive. Our vacation was fulfilled because we spent the afternoons at the beach, whale watching, or fishing.
Thanks for a great week."
Carol and John Davis - Philadelphia, PA

To the Mid-Cape Hoop School Coaches,
"Wow, what a week. The kids had a super time and learned so much. Your ability to teach, while emphasizing good sportsmanship and fair play, sure made a lasting impression on Lucas. He came home from camp each day and showed my wife and I his new "moves". He actually taught us a thing or two. He has made new friends at camp and is looking forward to playing for his school team this winter. He feels very confident in his ability to compete with this friends. You have used basketball as a vehicle to teach some very valuable life skills and we are very grateful. Lucas and his younger brother Adam, will see you next year. Thank you."
Brian Armstrong- Springfield, MA

"Thank you for a fantastic week of camp. Our son, Jack, and our daughter, Julie, enjoyed every minute of Mid-Cape Hoop School. Not only did they develop as players, but also made many new friends. The individual attention and positive, constructive feedback they received each day has left them with the desire to keep practicing and playing. Your emphasis on good sportsmanship was refreshing. We will back again next summer as our family vacations on Cape Cod."
George and Mary Mitchell - Storrs, CT

"The coaches/staff are so friendly and supportive. My 10-year old son, Alex, was apprehensive to join but by the end of the first week he didn't want to leave and was so excited to be able to sign up for the second week."
C.H. - Hyannis, MA

"From the drills, games, rules and etiquette, lunches, friendships, and coaching staff, my daughter and son loved it all. Thank you for the individual attention your staff gave to Julie and Michael. They learned that basketball techniques and skills, but also learned life skills and sportsmanship that will stay with them their entire lives. Your staff truly coaches young people using basketball as the tool. We'll be back next summer."
The Williamson's - Chatham, MA

Dear Coach Minotti,
"Thank you for your week of basketball instruction with Carolyn and Thomas. Your ability to create a learning environment with 7, 8, and 9 year old children is truly amazing. Their focus and desire to repeat skills you demonstrated is a testament to your teaching power. As an educator myself, it was a pleasure to observe you in action. The students were engaged from start to finish and able to retain your instructions day after day. In the games they were able to understand and execute the concepts of team play. You continually created teachable moments that resulted in positive results. What a wonderful beginning to basketball for my children and all the campers at Mid-Cape Hoop School. We look forward to joining you at camp again next summer."
Jennifer Hart, Newport, RI

"My teenage son was thrilled he could continue to play basketball while on Cape Cod at the Mid-Cape Hoop School. We enjoyed our vacation at the Riviera Beach Resort golfing and relaxing at the beach."
F.T. - Hingham, MA

"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience my son Brandon and daughter Audrey had last summer at Mid-Cape Hoop School. Everything about the week was fantastic: your location, the facilities, and the well trained staff. They were knowledgeable, personable, funny, and enjoyable. My children learned so much and had fun in the process. It is evident that you take pride in giving the best of your skills and expertise to the campers. You are proud of what you know and the manner in which you teach. The children have been to many camps over the years and Mid-Cape Hoop School has the strongest program we have experienced."
Rob & Ashley Landry - Somers, CT

Dear Coach Hamilton and Coach Cormier,
"Once again thank you for a great week of basketball! Ava learned so much and had a great time. It's nice to know that our daughter can learn basketball skills in such a fun and safe environment. We can't wait to see you next year."
The McCarthy Family - Canton, MA

"Five years of experience at the Mid-Cape Hoop School has helped to enable my son to become a high school starter this season. He can't get enough of the game. Thank you!"
Laurie Chapman - New York

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